art experience

art experience

If you need an experience of art in Italy, you can realize a little mosaic with Tiziana in the laboratory near apartment.

Tiziana show little example of simple mosaic

Tiziana organizes short courses in the laboratory to learn the basics of mosaic. You can create your own artistic work.

The mosaic techniques allow you to create works and decorate objects that can also be placed outdoors.
In the course you will learn how to go from a simple drawing to the realization.

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Tiziana help young students

The courses can be individual or for small groups.

You can learn the basis of the mosaic realization with the direct techninque. The course is suitable for both children and adults. In fact, some of the park’s mosaics are made by primary school children with the support of Tiziana.

Cost (material included): 40 euro per person for 1 lesson of 2 hours (100 euros for a family lesson of 3/4  people max).

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